The Chinese Martyrs

朱吳 St. Mary Zhu Wu (1850-1900)

In July of 1900, Zhujiahe was a small village in Hebei with roughly 300 Catholics making up its population. By mid-July, 3,000 more Catholics had flooded into the town seeking refuge during the Boxer Rebellion. The Boxers, however, followed them there, killing the men who were trying to defend the village. Over one thousand women … More 朱吳 St. Mary Zhu Wu (1850-1900)

Get to know the Chinese Martyrs

On October 1, 2000, Pope Saint John Paul II canonized 120 martyrs of China. These men, women, and children were priests, religious, catechists, converts, orphans, mothers, and fathers. For some of them, we don’t know much more than they held firm in the face of persecution. Here we will share a glimpse into the lives … More Get to know the Chinese Martyrs

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